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Dileep Wins & Media Tarnish Fails..

Malayalam cinema’s lucky star pairs Dileep & Kavya were married last month Nov. 25, 2016 at Gokulam Hotel, Ernakulam , Dileep’s daughter Meenakshi and many prominent personalities from the cinema including Mammootty, Jayaram, Nadirsha , Dileep’s close friends and associates were participated in the function. Dileep has tied the nuptial knot on Kavya’s neck and she became the legal wife of actor Dileep. He has directly announced his marriage,

just before the function. The marriage of Dileep with Kavya Madhavan is a too heat sturdy reply of Dileep to those who tried tarnishing him through Social Medias, TV & Press. Dileep is a victim for many years experiencing gossips with Kavya, and a majority of the news was lies and not factual, any way such low class parties are failed with the tight ban of nothing to say. They un necessarily tried to harm the sentiments of actor Dileep, they announced Meenakshi the daughter of Dileep and former wife Manju Warrier is the only reason burdening the marriage of Dileep and Kavya.

It’s quiet natural that Dileep pained a lot, he request them to avoid his daughter Meenakshi from news’s and controversies through Face Book and other ways. Whatever be, the things have changed after marrying Kaya Madhavan, all gossips and paparazzi pursuits are over, Everybody knows marriage is absolutely a personal matter, Dileep has taken a good decision ,recently there was news’s spread many times that Dileep and Kavya were married secretly. Such false circulations effected seriously to the acting career and personal life of Dileep, the medias mercilessly taken Dileep’s daughter Meenakshi to this controversy.

Dileep’s decision to marry Kavya Madhavan is a suitable decision, perhaps, if Dileep has married another girl, such gossips and controversies would have continued like before. The social media and other media have no limitation, they might fabricate new stories on Kavya and Dileep, he has proved he is 100% manly, he informed everybody the ambition to marry Kavya – through Face Book. Dileep very clearly said that, he felt something not good;

If he marries any other girl except Kavya, and he believes his decision to marry Kavya Madhavan was right. Whatever be, one thing is sure; Dileep has planned a long span before marrying Kavya. But, whenever the press and media asked about Dileep’s marriage with Kavya, he just replied like this “not yet in my thoughts.” But he has told another thing in a magazine that” My life is like an open book, whenever I marry, or anything happens in my life. I will share with everyone and informed with everyone. Hence all problems are finished, and Dileep and Kavya were married, and they’re in the status of couples.

In their marriage function, many of Dileep & Kavya’s close friends and associates participated. From the Malayalam cinema field, the participants include Mammootty, Kamal, Jayaram, Joshi, Siddique, Lal, Renjith, Nadirshah, Naren, Meera Jasmine, Meera Jasmine, Kaviyoor Ponnamma, K.P.A.C Lalitha, Menaka, etc. Dileep and Kavya are the contributions of director Kamal, Dileep was an assistant director of director Kamal, it was the film Vishnulokam, Dileep began his career.At the same time, Kavya Madhavan entered to Malayalam cinema through Kamal’s Pookkalam Varavai, in the movie Kavya has acted as a child artist, in the film Pookkalam Varavai, Jayaram was the hero,

Dileep has married Kavya Madhavan after divorced his former wife, Manju Warrier. Dileep is saying, it was not Kavya Madhavan being the reason to divorce Manju Warrier, there are many other problems to divorce Manju Warrier. It was in the year 1998 Dileep has married to Manju Warrier, and in the year 2014, Dileep and Manju Warrier separated. Two years after separation, Dileep has married Kavya, at the same time Kavya Madhavan and her former husband Nishal Chandra were divorced years back, and then she married Dileep.

Dileep Wins & Media Tarnish Fails
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