S Dhyan Sreenivasan getting married | Arpitha Sebastin

Dhyan Sreenivasan getting married

Malayalam cinemas promising young actor Dyan Sreenivasan, and the brother of Vineeth Sreenivasan, more over the son of Malayalam’s valuable script writer and actor Sreenivasan – is getting married. Bride is a Pala native, her name is Arpitha Sebastin, she is the Public Relations Manager of a Software Company in Techno Park at Thiruvananthapuram. For the last four (4) years Dyaan and Arpitha are in friendship and love and at last their courtship entered to their marriage.

The marriage is on April 7 at Kannur, after their marriage there will be a Lunch and Reception at Ernakulam especially for friends. Dyan and Arpitha were met in their study sessions, there is another gossip appeared about Dyan Sreenivasan and with another actress, But all mysteries over and Dyan Sreenivasan and Arpitha Sebastin are going to be couples in the month April 2017.

Dhyan Sreenivasan getting married
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