S Boban Kunchakko the Father of Kunchakko Boban Boban Kunchakko the Father of Kunchakko Boban

Boban Kunchakko the Father of Kunchakko Boban

Boban Kunchako the Father of Kunchako Boban

July 10 th over and the day was the completion of 13 years of the death anniversary of Boban Kunchakko, once he was an enriched personality in Malayalam cinema as producer, director and actor, Boban Kunchacko is the son Malayalam cinema’s ever memorable producer director Kunchacko and the father of Kunchacko Boban, the famous Udaya Studio once Malayalam cinema’s prestigious banner and Kunchack was the owner of Udaya Studio. Boban Kunchacko is the son of the famous Kunchacko, the owner of Udaya Studio and the producer and director of hundreds of Prem Nair starrer movies. Boban Kunchacko was like his father, very talented and with artistically minded, Boban Kunchacko has directed

Some Malayalam films like Theeram Thedunna Thira, Anaswara Gaanangal ertc, he has directed some films like Paalaat Kunjikkannan, Sanchari, Aazhi etc., The Tharangini studio of Jesudas first recorded the song “Shyama Dharaniyil”was from the Boban Kuncjacko directed movie Sanchari , the film released in the year 1981. He has acted in some other films produced under own production company Udaya studio, Malayalam’s young super star Kunchacko Boban is the son of Boban Kunchacko, Hot n Sour extends the tribute for Boban Kunchacko.

Boban Kunchakko the Father of Kunchakko Boban
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