Bipasha is telling about wearing Swim Suits and Bikini

Bipasha is telling about wearing Swim Suits and Bikini

The glamor queen sexy Bipasha Basu has acted too sexy in two released movies Dhoom 2 and Player, and the audience enjoyed and thrilled seeing her body curves, But Bipasha Basu is telling both the films were super success all over India, and it’s because of not her sexy performance in the said movies, she says,

un necessarily I wasn’t expose my glamour of sexual body curves, but the story and my character were demanded my physical appearance should be in bikini and it’s only because of the pressure of the thread I used the swim dress. I had never given much importance only to glamour, and in future, only if the character demands, I will wear swim dress, and the swim dress is very suitable to me, but many of our actresses are not suit for wearing swim dress, so I am proud of my body curves and I can see the likings in their taste.

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