S Bipasha Basu Explains How the Sex Originates? Bipasha Basu Explains How the Sex Originates?

Bipasha Basu Explains How the Sex Originates?

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Bipasha Basu Explains How the Sex Originates?

Everybody knows now a days in India; women are facing lot of problems like molestation, sexual abuse, rape, attacks of various etc, and some accusations raised, these happenings of anti-social elements are due to the sexual exposures of women (actress or heroine) in cinema. Bipasha Basu famous Bollywood sex bomb and Indian model has enters the said scenario against such accusations, she is telling the attacks and molestations of women are increasing day by day in India, but such unpleasant events are not due to the bosom or naval show of actresses in cinema, it never misleads the society in to immoral way and such a conclusion is absolutely misunderstanding. Bipasha says,

if any worse happens in the society, it’s not a good tendency to blame it on cinema and actresses. At the same time nobody tries to understand the realities, there are no special organs to any actresses, while tarnishing the cinema actresses and cinema, just go to township and look around, the cinema actresses would have feel shame seeing the dress and attires wears too sexy. The girls in the town are wearing half trousers and sleeveless blouses showing the ankle hairs, such a culture – whatever be a common sight in Indian townships. The film makers are visualizing the frames by observing the society, the said matters are a reality and those who blindly criticize the cinema actresses must try to understand the things happening around.

Bipasha Basu Explains How the Sex Originates?
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