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Benz Vasu Benz Vasu Re incarnates

Benz Vasu Re incarnates

Benz Vasu Re incarnates
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Benz Vasu Re incarnates

In the year 1980, there was a successful movie were released and still in memory, and it was “Benz Vasu” , the action hero Jayan Starrer, now it’s the time for Benz Vasu again with super star Mohan Lal. The story of the new Benz Vasu will be entirely different from the old movie Benz Vasu. The action hero and superstar in seventies Jayan who has given life to Benz Vasu now comes with the masala of modern years and it’s the story of a car driver.

You don’t have to expect the same repeats as the 1980 Benz Vasu shined, it will be another character, another mannerism, another actions etc. where super star Mohan Lal would have his own specialties and the director of the movie says, this Benz Vasu will be very particular with Mohan lal. This Benz Vasu coming again tells you the story of a very ordinary taxi driver, he lives in a village.

K.R Sunil will be the script writer of new Benz vasu and the director is Prajith, he has directed Vadakkan selfy and he is with much expectation for Benz Vasu new. The real Benz vasu released in the year 1980 was a biggest hit and the action hero and the super star Jayan performed in that movie very well and people in the theaters accepted this movie with almost joy and the film got high appreciation from the majority class.

Benz vasu is the nick name and the character is very ordinary, village living, and he got the nick name related with car, but this car is not benz. This car is a very ordinary Ambassador car and vasu who loves this car equal as his son. As you know, this is modern time and the Ambassador care lost its glamour and importance and nobody takes interest to own or drive Ambassador Car.

Now days in the car market, so many new cars are launching and selling, majority of car lovers are behind new model cars and people are rich and wealthy, they don’t want Ambassador Car and believes buying Ambassador Car is a shame. Vasu always loved his Ambassador, and he never tried to sell the Ambassador and he has seen his Ambassador much higher than Benz.

He doesn’t like even telling anything wrong to his Ambassador. The locals in the village know, Vasu’s deep love and attachment to his Ambassador and with the same reason they nick named him as Benz vasu. This car is the first car owned by a person in the village and it was Vasu who bought this car. The villagers depends this car and Vasu for everything, even for the happy occasions and festivals and also at the same time they depend this Ambassador car and Benz Vasu even at the time of sad occasions.

The people in this village used Vasu and his car for all happy occasions like marriages and of course for life saving also, and as the time goes forward to modernity, other cars also came in the same arena of taxi, and the prominence of the Ambassador slowly dimmed. The arrival of other modern cars in to the locality has been forced Benz Vasu to stay away from his taxi field and the people are changed their attitude and avoided the Ambassador.

Vasu became frustrated and some unexpected problems are also coming to the family where Vasu lives with wife and a child. These situational pressures changed the whole life of Vasu and these changes in vasu’s life are the story of Benz vasu. This film is threaded with a chain of comedy and basically Benz vasu is a family cinema. Idukki and Thodupuzha are the main locations of Benz Vasu.

Benz Vasu is planning to shoot in the beautiful hilly areas and meadows in Iduklki district and other main actors in the Malayalam cinema are also participating in this movie Benz vasu. The film is producing by M. Renjith and the banner is Rejaputhra Visual Media and after the movies of Priyadarshan and Jibu Jacob, super star Mohan lal will team up with Prajith and Benz vasu.

Benz Vasu Re incarnates
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