S Ayal Jeevichchirippundu a movie is coming Ayal Jeevichchirippundu a movie is coming

Ayal Jeevichchirippundu a movie is coming

KP Vyasan the script writer of Indriyam, Metro, Avathaaram, now turns as a director, his debut directorial movie is “Ayaal Jeevichchirippundu” , the thread is like: John Mathew is a well-known narrator, he has achieved so many awards, he is very famous, but there is another person Murugan, he is very ordinary, he lives his life and lovable to everyone. They both the narrator John Mathew and Murugan were met in a particular place, they became friends, the both lives in different poles became friends,

it can be say in a sentence is like the narrator without any narration and the ordinary man with the narration of life experiences, they both tells the different story of friendship through Ayal Jeevichchirippundu”, Vijay Babu is acting as John Mathew and Kammattippadam Murugan as the ordinary man Murugan in the movie. Other star cast in the movie are: Kailash, Sudheer Karamana, Hareesh Perady, Rajesh Bantakar, Gokul, Tesni Khan etc. The director and producer are telling the heroin of the movie Ayal Jeevichchirippundu will be a famous actress from Bollywood. The shooting soon to be start.

Ayal Jeevichchirippundu a movie is coming
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