Athmiya A Newest Heroine to Malayalam Cinema

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Athmiya A Newest Heroine to Malayalam Cinema

Though Athmiya is a Malayalee, she has acted much in Tamil cinemas, so far she has acted in a Malayalam cinema, she has acted in two Tamil cinemas, recently she has acted in Tamil movie directed by Paarth Saaradhi, the film is a suspense thriller, in this movie Athmiya has acted as a Sreelankan girl, her character’s name is Maathangi, for some days, she was at America related with the shooting, between this, she has obtained some offers from Malayalam cinema, but Athmiyas was too busy acting with Tamil cinemas, and she was not able to participate with Malayalam cinemas. The Tamil cinema in which Athmiya is acting not yet completed the shooting, she has an ambition to act a best character in Malayalam cinema, anyway Athmiya the Malayalee born actress is a beautiful artist.

Athmiya A Newest Heroine to Malayalam Cinema
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