S Anushka is Telling Prabhas is my Working Partner Anushka is Telling Prabhas is my Working Partner

Anushka is Telling Prabhas is my Working Partner

Anushka is Telling Prabhas is my Working Partner

Today the new generation youths enjoying the life, in many aspects. And one thing is friendship and the new generation handles the friendship as a trend, it lasts only for a short duration. The relationship of Prabhas with the heroine Anushaka have to special mention while talking about friendship. The film Bahubali changed the history of Indian cinema , the film is the stunning super hit all over India and everybody knows the hero is Prabhas and heroine is Anushka, the film Bahubali took five years (5) to complete the shooting and during this long time span Prabhas and Anuskha were dedicatedly worked for the film , the time span of the shooting lasted for five years and while talking about film shooting five years is a lengthy duration especially for an Indian cinema, quiet naturally there was a news circulated in the south Indian film industry that Prabhas and Anushka are in romance and keeping courtship and there is no need for bent your fore head, But while the Prabhas family members involved with marriage proposal for Prabhas, there was news spread Anushka fell down with head drowsiness and the forehead of many were bended, yet we don’t know the circulated news were a reality or lie? While asking to Anushka about the reality, Anushka is responded like this, Prabhas and me are good friends through the Bahubali movie, we both were worked together for five years for Bahubali, it’s a long duration especially for an Indian cinema. There is friendly working relationship began within us, generally I am a person behaves so open and frankly, some wrong news’s are circulating about my marriage, I am not going to marry soon, my marriage is not decided and all sayings about my marriage is not true, And what’s the relation with the success of film and marriage? Anushka finished her talks.

Anushka is Telling Prabhas is my Working Partner
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