Anushka Sharma The actress who enjoys the piercings of illegal sex

Anushka Sharma The actress who enjoys the piercings of illegal sex

For the last few months, we frequently hears the romance, love and illegal sexual relations of Cricketer Virat Kohli and Bollywood heroine Anushka Sharma. She is now celebrating her life intensely loving and romancing cricketer Virat Kohli , she gives news’s and rejoices to medias and social medias – they both have certain liking hobbies, they both appears in front of their parents, in wedding venues they both appears hand locked in waists , they shares bed in 5 Star hotels, – they both are really enjoying the wine of life. While asking “Why Anushka and Virat Kohli, are leading mistakable life like this without marrying?

She is telling while you hearing optimistic news about our marriage, our life gives us energy and happiness. Our life gives much joy rather than honeymoon, we are not interested for a hurry burry marriage, I believe marriage is like a prison, I know many of my friends are suffering too much after their marriage, and I like the life today we leads. No, boy or girl must not say: I will marry you”, while at the time of the intensity of love and romance at the peak, but don’t say I will not marry, love starts slowly, don’t show much hurry in any matter, try to understand from both side, and Anuska Sharma is telling marriage is better only after knowing each other and enter in fixation of understandings.

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