Antony Perumbavoor Frequently Achieves Records

Antony Perumbavoor Frequently Achieves Records

There is a producer grown big and became popular all over Kerala under the shade of Mohanlal, everyone in Kerala knows him, he is Antony Perumbavoor. As a producer Antony Perumbavoor has produced many films casted Mohanlal as hero and all the movies were super hits in Malayalam, he has produced many big budgeted films and all the movies were created waves all over Kerala and became super hits. Today Antony Perumbavoor grown big, as one of the leading producer of Malayalam cinema. He is a very deferent producer while comparing to other Malayalam producers, every year he produces four (4) films, and the films he produce will be big budget movies. There is a great personality always stood behind him , supported him he is none other than Malayalam’s legendary actor Mohanlal, he has acted as hero in all the films produced by Mohanlal, the association of Mohanalal and Antony Perumbavoor is lucky team , the entire Malayalam cinema world believes that the Mohanlal/ Antony Perumbavoor team is vey lucky team, the same Antony Perumbavoor now produces three cinemas at a time, Velipaadinte Pusthakam, Odiyan, Aadi and the most expensive movie in the mentioned three is Odiyan and Mohanlall is acting as hero in Velipaadinte Pusthakam.

Antony Perumbavoor Frequently Achieves Records
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