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Anirudh and the Car Craze

In Tamil cinema, Anirudh is a good music director, singer, film composer and more over Anirudh is a good actor, he has proved his multi talents and he is the creator behind the You Tube super hit “Y this Kolavery song sang by Dhanush, undoubtedly Arirudh is an upcoming super music director of Tamil cinema, Anirudh has the craze, he is very obsessed with cars, he was an owner of more than two cars before he enter in to film music composing, while Anirudh proved he is very capable and earned high remuneration from Tamil cinema, his car craze progressed too much and he bought many new vehicles one back to another, recently he bought a luxury car worth 1 million, he has very interest to ride his car too speedy through the Chennai roads in the night and it’s one of his hobby, as a music director in Tamil cinema Anirudh gets new evokes and inspiration to created stunning rhythms while drove to speedy on roads, Anirudh is very special, he enjoys the cool breeze while drove the car on Chennai roads and he gets special vibrations to compose latest music’s.

Anirudh and the Car Craze
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