Akaasha Ganga in Tamil

Akaasha Ganga in Tamil

The Malayalam super hit movie “Akaasha Ganga , directed by Vinayan in the year 1999, now remakes to Tamil, the horror comedy thriller directs by the same Vinayan. Now days, Horror movies are demandable at Tamil Nadu, and horror movies are getting much market in Tamil cinema. So, the Vinayan movie Akaasha Ganga in Tamil would have the chance to get wide acceptance in Tamil,

the film will be create waves all over Tamil Nadu. A new comer was the hero in Malayalam Akaasha Ganga, the heroine was Divya Unni, and other actors in the movie are Mukesh, Jagadeesh, Jagathy Sreekumar, Rajan.P. Dev, Mayoori etc. Vinayan has produced and directed many hit movies in nineties (1990) and his Tamil entry will be good in every aspect.

Akaasha Ganga in Tamil
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