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Aishwarya Rajesh

“Sakhavu” is an upcoming movie in which Aiswarya Rajesh is acting as heroine opposite to Nivin Pauly, she is an artist came from Tamil cinema, also she has acted as heroine with Dulqar Salaman for the film Joe Monte Suvishenagal , Aiswarya Rajesh has acted with two super young heroes of Malayalam cinema, with Nivin Pauly and Dulqar Salman. The movie Sakhavu is directed by the national award winner director Siddarth Shiva. Aiswarya Rajesh’s movie in Tamil was Kakka Muttai, the film was a super hit movie and she became the favorite heroine of Tamil cinema, she is right now in the forefront heroines of Tamil cinema. Advertising films are her first experience in front of movie camera; she got so many opportunities to act in advertising films. She has acted first as heroine in a movie Dharma Dorai, the director was Cheenu Rama Swami, Now he has been acted more than 15 films including Aattakkaththi, Pannayaru padmini, Rammi, Kakka Muttai, and in Hindi, a film directed by Hashim Aliwalia “Dadi”etc. The film Kakka Muttai, made her popular all over India.

Aishwarya Rajesh
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