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Gopi Sundar A Music Director Engaged with Creating Hits

In the Malayalam film world, there’s a young music director with enormous talent and who became very popular in a short span of only some years, he is none other than Gopi Sundar. He is one of the blessed musical directors who conquered the hearts of new generation , Gopi Sundar has been very successfully music composed for an approximate 5,000 As films and for 50 movies, obviously Gopi Sunder is a recognized musician of south Indian film industry. He is very young, in the year 2015, Gopi Sunder obtained the Best Background Scoring National Award for the film 1983 directed by Abrid Shine, Nivin Pauly was the film’s hero, for his achievements in many films he obtained some other awards like Film Fare, Saima, Asianet ,Pearl, Vanitha etc, Gopi Sunder was started his career as the associate music director of famous music director Ouseppachan, he came in to Malayalam cinema as an independent music director through the film Note book released in the year 2006,

he has scored the background music for the film Note Book. In the year 2007 Gopi sunder has composed the music for the film Flash, he became too busy with music composing in south India, until yesterday he has completed 50 cinemas by composing the music including the movies like Sagar Alias Jackie, Casanova, Anwar, Ee Aduthta Kaalaththu etc, Gopi Sundar has so many hit songs for his credit, “kiszhakku pookkum” in Anwar, “vathilil aa vaathilil in Ustad Hotel, “ola Naanikkuruvi”in 1983, “mukkaththe penne in Ennu Ninte Moydeen. “mangalya thantha thane” in Bangalore days, “sundarppenne in Charlie etc. were became hit songs, very interesting thing is he never passed the S.S.LC, his qualification is only 9th standard. See what Gopi Sunder is telling about his education: My education is only 9th standard, though I am not much educated, I obtained a good position and I am proud of that, I am a person experiencing much blessings of god. He can compose music for a film in 5 minutes, the hit song “mukkaththe penne’ in Ennu Nite Moydeen he composed in 5 minutes,

he is telling it was his childhood ambition to become a famous music composer. Perhaps I am hearing the song from my mother, my mother was always in front of radio hearing songs, at the same time I were seated beside her and hitting on the desk, Gopi Sunder has opened his mid telling all about the association of music since his childhood age, iwas residing at Edappally at Ernakulam in my childhood days, he was studied at Edappally St.George high school, he was a student frequently participating in music competitions, he was not a brilliant student, but below average, he was a member in the Sanchayika program meant for promoting the saving interest in students, thus he invested re 850/- in the sanchayika and he bought a Thabala, if I am became anything in the film world, it’s because of I met Ouseppachchan sir, he is telling he got all the basics of music from Ouseppachchan sir, he was engaged for 12 years as the associate of music director Ouseppachchan,

he has given opportunities for sang to many stars, he likes the song of Dullqar Salman, he sang in the movies like ABCD and Charlie, he is an actor with singing talent, if we just pull him, he will sang, he sings what we saw in our mind, Dulqar Salman is Gopi Sundars’s intimate friend, he is a good human being having goodness in mind, it was a strong desire he keeps for a long time to start an own music Troup, his ambition become a reality he has started a music group Big G , the music band already launched at Dubai under the guidance of Gopi Sunder. He planned the Big G music band for the music lovers in a different way, they can enjoy the music in a mode of really different, he arranged each program different with one to another, the presentation of music is like the songs stepped down to the listeners, whatever be, those who interested to know the Big G presentation must experience the music and songs, he under lines he looks only the taste of the demander, and I never tried to implement my personal interest, I can read your mind, you need song and I am ready to give you song, that’s my policy, I like to be known as a businessman involving music talent.


Gopi Sundar A Music Director Engaged with Creating Hits

In the Malayalam film world, there’s a young music director with enormous talent and who became very popular in a short span of only some years, he is none other than Gopi Sundar. He is one of the blessed musical directors who conquered the hearts of new generation
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