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Mohanlal and Mammooty Fans Unanimously Stood Againt KRK

Though Mohanlal Fans association and Mammootty Fans associations are different and they both have the competitive spirit in Kerala audience, they often quarrel and manhandles together, But, the Mamootty fans loves Mohanlal and Mohanlal fans loves Mammootty, here is an example about KRK subject all the Mammootty fans in Kerala are joined to fight against KRK, both the association won’t allow any one out of Kerala of tarnish Mohanlal or Mammootty and still the KRK is experiencing the attack from Malayalee audience. Then KRK announce he was mistaken, he even don’t know who’s Mohanlal , he tweeted. Then much news about KRK being reveled, it’s his habit to ill-treating Indian big actors and creating controversies is one of his hobby, he has acted only in a Bhojpuri movie and in two Hindi movies, his first film was Desha Drohi, the film being banned by the Maharashtra government styating that the film arises communal departing, his second controversy is he has ill-treated Tamil actor Dhanush and his film Rajanna, and there was a case registered against KRK at Delhi north east police station.

And he has tweeted that if Narendra Modi becomes the prime minister of India (2014), he will leave India. And in the year 2014, he has taken the photo shot of Sharooq Khan and illegally morphed it with his own photograph, creating controversies is one of his habit, and in the same year 2014 may while Rejnikant’s movie Kochadiyan released, KRK tries to nasty linguistics about Rejnikant and Kochadiyan and the Rejni fans association responded strongly against him and KRK being experienced the impact. This is KRK and tried mocking Mohanalal, the well-known personalities in cinema like Maniratanam, Sharooq Khan, Ameer Kkhan Amitabh Bachan and Priya Darshan are Mohanlal’s friends, and KRK only the worm doesn’t know about Indian cinema, and about India’s biggest actors. KRK must know one thing, If you pain Mohan lal, the entire south India would experience the paining of the great actor, an KRK you’re only a worm.


Mohanlal and Mammooty Fans Unanimously Stood Againt KRK

Though Mohanlal Fans association and Mammootty Fans associations are different and they both have the competitive spirit in Kerala audience, they often

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