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Entire story of Malayalam Cinema

HotnSour Movie Channel is a facet entirely designed for Cinema world, enriched with the whole history of Malayalam Cinema (From 1907 to Today – 2016, and in future too) and “Hot n Sour” gives you authentic information and it has everything to fruit the desire of an observer or researcher. Hot n Sour is dependable – it reveals the essence of factualism cope with the past where happenings glitz in memory.

The History of Malayalam Cinema

Malayalam cinema is an integral part of Indian film industry and it has contributed enormously with best cinemas, best actors, best directors, best script directors, best cinematographers, best editors, best singers, best music composers etc. and many more or in other words “Malayalam Cinema” has everything that you would prefer from a best visual expressive art. Without the presence of Malayalam cinemas, the entire Indian Film Industry is nothing but frozen. So, Malayalam cinema is a very shining facet of Indian cinema.

There were attempts for cinemas, before the first film in Malayalam screened.

K.W. Joseph, a person who lived in the initial time span of 19th century and in 1907, who were started the first cinema hall in Thrissur, Kerala with a manually operated film projector. Again in the year 1903, another person (Jose Kattukkaran) who established the first electrically operated film projector and it was called “Jose Electrical Bioscope” and soon, such cinema halls were widely accepted in all major cities of Kerala, the electrically operated film projector established very much. These said theatres were exhibited Tamil. Hindi, English films in the earlier stage of such an era.

The year 1928, is very prominent in the history of Malayalam Cinema..

The first film in Malayalam was “Vigathakumaran”, and it was a silent movie and the shooting was started in the year 1928, produced and directed by J.C. Daniel. The film “Vigathakumaran”was released in the year 1930, and “J.C. Daniel” is credited as the father of Malayalam cinema. The film “Vigathakumaran” first released in the Capitol Theatre, Trivandrum and the releasing date was  Nov.7, 1930. J.C. Danial was a business man, and he has no previous experience or much awareness on cinema. But, J.C. Daniel was a person with enormous courage and confidence.  Then he entered to another effort, he has become the first person in Kerala to start an own studio. He founded the first film studio “The Travancore National Pictures Limited “in Kerala.

The entire Malayalam cinema has to consider J.C .Daniel with much respect and affection; he built the basement of Malayalam cinema industry. It was really a courageous act of making a cinema in those earlier days in the year 1928, and J.C. Daniel has been forced to experience many bitter experiences and financial failure. He is really a great visionary. In 1933, the second film in Malayalam released, it was “Marthanda Varma” based on the famous C.V .Raman Pillai novel, but due to certain legal disputes over copy right issues, the film doesn’t exhibited in theaters more than 4 days. R. Sunder Raj was the producer of the second Malayalam film “Marthanda Varma” stranded in legal hassles.

1938, the starting year of Talkie movie era..

A film called “Balan” was the first talkie movie, released in the year 1938. The director of Balan was S. Nottani, and Muthukulam Raghavan Pillai, who were written screen play and songs. The first talkie movie Balan was produced at Madras (Chennai) and in those eras, the producers of majority Malayalam films were from Tamil, and it was continued until 1947. The first talkie movie in Malayalam “Balan” was an amaze to cine goers in Kerala, and in theaters’ hundreds of people seated and viewed wondered seeing the movie Balan.It was an unbelievable new experience and the movie Balan was a success. Then, some richest Keralites tried their business investment in cinema and a person named “Kunchakko” from an Alappuzha reputed family entered in to cinema producing. Kunchakko established the first major film studio “Udaya” at Allappuzha and became a success full producer and he was a great contributor (as producer and director) to the Malayalam film industry.

1950, A golden era of Talkie movie become busy with cinemas.

The inception of Malayalam talkie movies, very particular with socio relevant themes taken from literature (novel), drama and politics.  All the movies were based on pure family subjects involved with dowry problems; divorce, joined family system etc. and the films were filled with lot of songs. “Jeevitha Nauka” a film was released in fifties and the subject of the film spokes about the problems in the joint family and this film is lengthy with many songs. Thikkurissi Sukumaran Nair was the hero and Jeevitha Nauka, the movie became very popular in south India. Perhaps this film has started the trend to call “super hits” to successful movies and the history of super hits starts from Jeevitha Nauka. The extreme success of Jeevith Nuaka became inspired to other aspirants to invest in producing Malayalam movies.  But, the subject were same structured and the success wouldn’t happened soon again.   So many are come to produce movies with socio relevant subjects and the Malayalam cinema witness the entry of many powerful actors like Kottarakkara Sreedharan Nair and Satyan. They were acted in many films and all are with family subjects. Sathyan has proved, he was a legendary actor.

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Mysterious Deaths

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The mysterious deaths in Malayalam Cinema Industry

Deaths are painful, and there is no escape for human race from this inevitable bare reality. The deaths of cine stars are like something very related to us. Because the influence of cine stars in our life is too much and they’re very familiar to us as close as a relative or friend. The characters of the stars take very resemblance to our daily life and perhaps we’ll be forced to feel as a family member, while the stars performing certain characters.  READ MORE..


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